5 Indicators You Need a Child Custody Attorney

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If you are going through a divorce, don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. Even in the most perfect and loving marriages, things can go wrong. Couples fail to agree, they grow apart, the center fails to hold, and divorce becomes inevitable. Studies reveal that more than 750,000 couples in the U.S. go through the divorce process every year. A typical result of divorce is the emotional impact on the children. In such situations, the welfare and needs of kids should be prioritized.

Usually, parents desire to live with their kids, or at least, a co-parenting type of agreement. Typically, couples try to resolve the issue of child custody on their own. But more often than not, they are unable to come into an agreement because emotions get in the way. That said, they resort to external help, which often comes from a lawyer.

Here are some of the reasons or signs you need the help of a child custody lawyer:

Your case has become more complicated

Sometimes, the divorce case is simple, but it gets complicated along the way. For instance, you suspect that your ex has plans of convincing the court that you are unfit to stay with the children or your ex-spouse has changed his or her mind about shared child custody in Glen Bernie or any other location. Such complications indicate that you need a child custody lawyer.

Your ex hired one

Since you care for your kid more than anyone else, you probably think that you are the best to deal with the child custody case. But, when your ex hires an attorney, it’s wise to prepare for the battle by hiring an experienced lawyer as well. Besides, the last thing you want to for your child custody case is to start it ill-prepared.


Fighting for child custody when you are residing in different states or countries with your ex can be challenging. If your child custody case is affected by this situation, then you shouldn’t hesitate to hire an attorney. Chances are the laws that you don’t know will come into play during the case. It’s also wise to learn about custody laws in the two states relating to your claim, and a child custody lawyer should help you with that.

You believe your child may be in danger

You will want to hire an experienced child custody lawyer to make sure your child is safe if you think he or she is in danger with your ex. You should call the authorities if that is the case. A child custody lawyer should help with obtaining a restraining order as soon as possible. You should avoid the suffering that comes with procrastination.

You are unable to see your child

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You need a lawyer if your ex is preventing or limiting you from visiting your child. The lawyer will make sure you enjoy your legal visitation rights. Additionally, if your spouse cancels visitation without an acceptable reason or prior warning, you need professional help.

You should turn to a child custody lawyer if you find yourself in any of these circumstances. Generally, having an attorney during your divorce is a good idea. Don’t forget to prioritize your children during all the stages of your divorce.

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