Divorce Announcement on Social Media: Should You Do It?

couple signing their divorce papers

While some divorcing couples choose to remain private, there are also those who use social media to break the news to others. They let their friends and relatives know that they are starting anew by posting divorce announcements or changing their relationship statuses. Others, meanwhile, do it subtly by sharing quotes (or memes) about heartaches, betrayals, or being single.

Does your ex agree?

If you too are going through divorce and are thinking of announcing it on social media, you need to be cautious of how you’re going to do it. While it is not necessarily wrong to post statuses or announcements on social media, you need to talk to your partner. Nassau County divorce attorneys note that you cannot just rush to tell your friends, as your ex-spouse also needs to be on board with this.

What’s your strategy?

When both of you have agreed to announce the divorce on social media, you need to have a strategy. You and your spouse need to decide when and how you should break the news, so families and friends won’t have to figure out what is exactly happening. This is also beneficial to avoid hostility or legal problems, which is ideal if you want to pursue collaborative divorce or mediation.

What will you post?

father hugging his daughterIf possible, you and your spouse should create an announcement or post that both of you feel comfortable sharing on social media. Just be careful on your choice and words because it is likely for other people to analyze your post. It is best for your announcement to be brief or state that you are ending your marriage, but staying as co-parents or friends.

Some even post divorce selfies, which could only work well if you and your spouse are ending on good terms and want to preserve your friendship. This, along with creating public announcement, is ideal if both of you are divorcing amicably. If it isn’t a good breakup, however, posting something (on your own) is not the best strategy.

Announcements or status updates?

Breaking the news on social media means that you won’t have to tell the news to everyone you know. A Facebook announcement is a bold move, but can also be productive one, especially if both of you prepared a brief joint statement. This means coming right out about your decision to divorce and avoiding going into the specifics of why your relationship has failed.

You can also make a public announcement by changing your status from married to single, divorced, or complicated. Just do take note that it is likely for this strategy to cause close friends and relatives to bombard you with questions, comments, or direct messages. This also means that you will have to spend the next days trying to explain everything to friends and family.

What about privacy?

Even if you and your spouse have made the final decision to divorce, you can choose not to announce it on social medial. Besides, sharing everything or spending too much time on social media has its downsides. It can slow down your healing or get in the way of your productivity. This is why you should stop using social media after everything is finalized.

Keep in mind that not everything you share or post on social media will work in your favor. If you are thinking twice about posting something about your divorce, it is best not to do it. You can also benefit from getting legal help and emotional support to navigate the divorce process better.

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