Getting a Divorce at an Early Stage of Your Marriage

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Not all things end up like the fairy tale stories we loved growing up. One such reality is that some marriages do end.

Divorce could pop into the minds of even the happiest couples. It could be due to irreconcilable differences, lack of communication from both parties, financial troubles, or abuse. And today, more and more young couples are resorting to divorce for various reasons.

A lot of them do not know the emotional stress that comes with the whole process of process. But for them, to be able to get back their lives is so liberating that it is worth dealing with the stress at such an early stage of their marriage.

Asking Yourself the Big Questions

Should you really get a divorce? Will couple’s counseling still be able to help fix your problems? Are you overreacting with how things are going? Now, you are asking yourself the important questions. Will a divorce make your life better? Or easier? You should always focus on your future or your children’s future before making a decision.

Most of the time, when couples ask for a divorce, they mean it. So, if you or anyone you know is planning to get one, they should be firm on their decision. Getting a divorce is not easy.

Filing the Necessary Paperwork

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Like any other legal process, you need to file the necessary paperwork for the case to move forward. The documents vary from state to state, though. Most have residency requirements, so you have to look at your local laws before acting.

But in general, the papers you need to file include the summons and the divorce petition. In the summons, you notify your spouse of the divorce process and its progress so far. The only problem is that some documents take time before they reach the other party. In this case, you would benefit by hiring same-day process services near you in New York. This will help speed up the process and ensure that the other party receives the paperwork.

The divorce petition, on the other hand, tells the court what it is you exactly want. Aside from the end of your marriage, the petition allows you to ask for things like child support, child custody, and property division.

Attending Pre-trial Mediation

Up to this point, most couples are sure of their decision. But while waiting for their trial to come, some of them choose to go through mediation.

Here, the two parties negotiate and talk things through. A non-partisan third party is present to help iron out any problems. Sometimes, mediation is what it takes to fix a couple’s issues.

Regardless, pre-trial mediation is the final stop before the actual court proceedings. Up until this point, you have the decision to push through or not. But whatever your decision may be, you should be firm and stand by it no matter what.

Sometimes, life has a funny way of making us realize our mistakes. Our relationships may be one of them. Do not be sad that you have to end it so suddenly. Maybe it is just what you need to be happier and take back the life that you own.

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