How to Avoid a Shady Attorney

If you need an attorney, then you are not alone. From probate lawyers to a local will attorney or personal injury lawyer, there are many good lawyers out there, but there are also those attorneys who may not have your best interest in mind. That is also a discussion the attached video looks at in some detail.

Video Source

As the video explains, there are times when a lawyer (and not the good ones) makes some shady or questionable decisions. These are also decisions that put an attorney in a probate case in an advantageous or controlling position. In other words, shady lawyers put themselves in a situation where they can profit off a family or from the death of an individual.

If that sounds illegal, well, it is borderline at best. What there is no doubt about, however, is that this is certainly not the actions of an attorney who is on the up and up. These are also reasons why it is important to be mindful of who you choose as your family attorney or any time you need legal counsel. Don’t be afraid to shop attorneys, and most importantly, if you have questions, ask. Good luck with finding the right attorney and with all your legal proceedings.


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