Legal Laughs: 5 of the Funniest Cases in History


Whoever said that getting into legal services would be a boring profession is greatly mistaken. Get a load of laughter from the following court cases so ridiculous that you would think these were taken from sitcoms.

5 of the Funniest Court Cases of All Time

1. Iced Drinks Have Ice?!

A man from Illinois sued Starbucks in 2016 citing that the company falsely advertised their iced drinks. He argued that the coffee company cheats its customers on a regular basis by adding ice to their drinks which reduces the amount of liquid in each cup.

The case was dismissed by a federal judge citing that the plaintiff failed to prove that the company falsely advertised their products. He goes on to agree with Starbucks’ argument that typically, customers who order iced drinks expect their drinks to contain ice.

2. A Case of Flu

An Israeli woman sued a TV station over a weather forecast that didn’t happen. The weatherman predicted nice weather only to be proven wrong by Mother Nature. The woman took the weatherman’s word and went out that day only to get caught in the rain.

She developed the flu which caused her to miss work for about a week. She sued the station for $1,000 stating that the ordeal caused her a great deal of stress. The court ruled in her favor and she won the hilarious-but-true case.

3. Expectation Versus Reality

In 1991, a man in Michigan decided to sue Anheuser-Busch over their Budweiser ad. The ad in question shows men with beautiful ladies surrounding them drinking beer. The man was upset that reality was nowhere near his expectations. He argued that the advertisements were misleading and deceptive.

A trial court gave a verdict in favor of the brewery and dismissed his case for $10,000 in emotional and mental stress, physical injury, and financial loss.

Male lawyer talking to his client4. Not Everybody Wants to Be Like Mike

While most people go to great lengths to resemble their favorite celebrities, a man from Portland apparently wasn’t thrilled at being mistaken all the time for Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan. Allen Heckard sued the basketball hall-of-famer and Phil Knight, Nike’s co-founder, for $832 million in 2006.

To be fair, Heckard does look a lot like MJ and even sported the same earring. However, he was six inches shorter than the famous shooting guard and eight years older. He eventually dropped the lawsuit upon realizing he had no reasonable explanation for the amount he was asking for.

5. Patent on Divine Powers

Perhaps one of the strangest court cases in recent history is that of David Roller vs David Copperfield. Roller insisted that the illusionist used his patented godly powers without his permission. It was found that the plaintiff filed no such patent and that he does not possess any godly powers.

When Copperfield filed a motion to dismiss the suit, Roller countered claiming that Copperfield and several others were planning to murder him. The case was dismissed on the account that the plaintiff wasn’t able to support all his claims and that he already has a history of filing outlandish suits.

Well, if you still think legal practice is boring, there’s enough evidence to dismiss your perceptions about it. Case dismissed!

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