Making the Most of Your Legal Internship: Tips to Remember


Summer break doesn’t end the learning experience for legal students. This is when they go out and participate in internships. Whether it is a huge corporate firm or a small team of experienced family lawyers, it provides them with some experience in the real world. Law is more than textbooks and classroom discussions. Internships are where students get to see the law in action, However, a student sometimes needs to exert themselves to get the full value from their internship and here’s how.

Research Where You Will Be Interning

Before anything else, you need to do some research on the firm that you are working in. Depending on the firm, there are different lawyers with varying specializations. When you get your internship, you will likely be given a choice of which lawyer you would like to work with. It would be a mistake to go into this blind. If you have a particular specialization that you want to work on, then choose the lawyer that matches it. For example, if you want to work in business law, then go with a lawyer that specializes in that.

Network And Connect

A law firm is a perfect place to network with other people in the law profession. You will get to meet lawyers, other students, and other who work in the legal industry like court reporters and other experts. If you want to be successful in law, knowing the right people can be a big help. For example, if you are just starting a career in law, knowing established lawyers in well-known law firms can net you some customers. Popular firms often have an overflow of clients. When they can’t handle the case for a variety of reasons, then a friendly lawyer might recommend you.

Learn Necessary Skills

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The main reason to be an intern is to learn the various skills that you need to be a good lawyer. A good goal is to learn as many necessary skills as possible. You might think that doing office work is not that necessary but administrative work is a very necessary part of being a lawyer. Another skill that you will be learning during your internship is research. As an intern, you might be assigned to look for references and past cases. A lot of legal cases are decided thanks to precedent so researching this information can be important. Learning how to do it properly so that you don’t miss anything will be a big help in the future.

Finally, you will be able to work with your communication skills. Lawyers need to talk to a wide range of people. Knowing how to do it in a non-awkward manner can be useful. It is not just verbal communication you should practice. Legal correspondence is an important part of legal proceedings. Writing good letters can be a challenge at first but it can help improve your writing so that it is clear and appropriate for legal settings.

Ask Questions

During your internship, one of the big advantages is being exposed to legal experts. There is nothing like asking questions from experts to learn things. When you are assigned a job during your internship, you should use it as a chance to learn the details of what you’re working on. If you are ever confused or need clarification, never hesitate to ask questions. Many of your superiors will be very willing to answer them. This is mostly so that you can perform better and do the job right. But this should benefit you in the long run as you learn the lessons that you only read about in class.

Adapt to the Office Culture

Working in a law office can be an eye-opening experience. If it is your first time interning, this can be a good way to adapt to office culture. Knowing how a law office runs can make it easy for you when you start your own. Exposure to office culture also lets you relate to other people and learn how to handle being in an office when you begin actual work. It will also let you decide whether this sort of work environment is for you.

An internship can be very rewarding. But you have to work for it. Just being an intern and doing the bare minimum is not going to get the results you want. You need to go the extra mile so that you can have a fuller experience. Put in the work and develop the skills so that you come out of your legal education ready for the real world.

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