Attract Attention: Standing Out Via Marketing

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Every law firm needs a steady roster of clients to succeed and grow as a business. The old ways of using the referral system still work in most cases, and people will always rely on the advice of someone they trust. But is this enough to keep your firm not only afloat but thriving? There are many ways to market your services to people. Finding the right fit for your firm can help you to stand out from the competition and receive high-profile cases with the opportunity for high earnings.

Often, it is about understanding what the potential clients are looking for and how to appeal to them. You must take the time to understand the ideal customer you want to attract. Effective marketing is highly targeted because it knows exactly who will respond to your efforts. The number of eyes on your advertisement does not matter; the number of people who follow up matters.

You must play to your strengths at all times. Divorce lawyers get their best results when they highlight their years of experience and expertise in the field. Personal injury lawyers need to highlight the number of successful cases they have litigated. Immigration lawyers require a unique background story and must always underline their passion and dedication to the cause and their work. Once you know how you want your firm to be portrayed, it will be easier to identify the best marketing tactics to use.

Personal Branding

A law firm interested in attracting attention would do well to encourage their attorneys to enhance their personal brand. Some law firms prefer anonymity and to remain behind the scenes. But, in some areas of law, it is a positive to have the media attention. These firms need attractive and effective lawyers who know how to talk to the media and present themselves positively.

Personal branding in a lawyer can take many forms. They can offer legal advice via social media, release content on the firms’ blog explaining different aspects of law, or join legal seminars as an expert commentator. These moves make them thought leaders and will attract clients to their firm. The clients will be more trusting of the firm because they admire the lawyer’s brand.

Educational Content

Social media is always hungry for content. Consider utilizing the firms’ social media pages as an avenue to share educational content and start dialogues. This content can take the form of links to essays on the firms’ website, infographics that show the progression of events from hiring a lawyer, live talks where lawyers can discuss different issues within their area of expertise.

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Relationship Building

A lawyer’s work is not done after winning a case or settling a matter for a client. The way that people rely on having someone give a testimonial means that it is important for attorneys to build relationships with their clients. Maintaining professionalism is important. Yet, it is still possible to show clients that their well-being matters while maintaining professional decorum.

Learn their interests and talk about them to help them dispel nerves before a hearing. Congratulate them for their resilience during their time of adversity. Follow up with them for a few weeks after the conclusion of their case. These are the little touches that they will remember and will cause them to recommend your services to everyone they meet.

Meld Online and Offline Marketing

Use your social media to enhance the offline marketing efforts you utilize. Send your attorneys to speak on symposiums, on TV shows, as well as radio and legal podcasts. Then share nuggets of information or clips from these to your social media.

People respect lawyers who are experts and appear on respectable symposiums and programs. By sharing video clips of the attorneys on social media, the positive effects of participating in the event extend for longer.

Encourage Reviews

Use your positive client relationships to request testimonials and reviews for you to share. Video testimonials can go on your website and your social media pages, while written reviews can be highlighted on your website.

If your firm sends out a newsletter, then include one page of the best reviews you have received that month. Publicly thank clients for their reviews and reiterate your and your firm’s dedication to giving clients a reason to leave positive reviews.

This will enhance the chances of people talking about your firm to their friends and family. It is also likely to increase the number of times people share your firm’s posts on social media. This will further increase the number of people who view the testimonials and reviews.

To embrace the new age of marketing, it is a necessity that your firm has a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website. Make it pleasant and inviting so that people do not feel too intimidated to explore it. Invest time and effort into building up your SEO profiles. This will help keep your firm’s name at the forefront of people’s memories when they eventually need a lawyer.

Expanding knowledge in legal matters is possible with a few clicks. Get access to various legal insights and stay informed to make better decisions.

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