Yes, You Can Win Back the Custody of Your Children


You’re looking at your kids now and wondering how to prove to the court that you’re a worthier parent than your partner or the kids’ grandparents or, God forbid, the foster care system. Unfortunately, you know that you’ve made some bad choices along the way and that you don’t have a stable financial setup right now. You’re bound to lose that custody unless you get your act together.

Hire a Lawyer

If you want to win back custody of your children—assuming you have lost it by nowand you live in Albuquerque, a family lawyer will help you understand the situation. Where did it all go wrong? What could you have done to prevent it? Could you have done anything in the past that would change the way the court sees your ability to raise your kids? Losing custody of your children will allow you to take a long hard look at what has gone wrong and identify the problem areas that need to be corrected.

Meet the Court’s Demands

What did the court say you can do to regain custody of your children? Whether it’s making more money, going to therapy, seeking counseling for drug or alcohol abuse, or attending parenting classes, you need to complete those first. It is better to comply with the court’s demands rather than argue if the decision is valid.


Request for a Reevaluation

Once you’ve made steps toward the completion of the court’s requirements, you can ask for a reevaluation of your home and financial setup. Maybe you can even request the court to grant you time with your kids. If your case is serious, you’ll most likely have a social worker monitor your every move. But that’s okay because you want to show them that you’ve changed and become better. They are going to give an assessment report of your state of mind and your living situation. You need to show them that you are fit to be a parent to your children.

Do What the Court Says

Your lawyer will tell you the same thing: Do everything the court asks of you. In most custody cases, there are steps that a parent will need to take to share custody with an ex-partner or whoever has the custody of the children. The state doesn’t want to take away children from their parents. They know how devastating that can be for the children, too. But they are also legally in power to protect the lives of these children and make sure that their well-being is being looked after for.

Be Patient

Do not aggravate the situation by being rude to the people who have been given custody of your children. Do not attempt to kidnap your children or take them away from foster care. Exercise your rights within the confines of the law. You can visit your children as specified by the court. When picking up your kids for a visit, be courteous and respectful.

During the time that you’re trying to win back the custody of your children, it is worth asking yourself if you really can or want to have full custody. While being a parent is a noble undertaking, working two jobs and taking care of the kids could seriously affect their well-being. Aside from how you feel about being away from your kids, you should also think about how their needs are going to be met and what’s good for them.

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