Breaking up is hard to do, but a solicitor can make it easier

Emotionally speaking, deciding that your marriage has broken down and that you both need to go your separate ways can be extremely challenging, particularly if you have children together. There is arguably never an easy set of circumstances in which ending your relationship is going to make it a breeze, especially when you need to navigate through a legal process. Getting divorced itself is relatively straightforward, but add in reaching an agreement on who gets the children on weekends and deciding whether the house should be sold or not, and it can get a whole lot harder.

Thankfully, enlisting the services of divorce solicitors in Weybridge can make this process easier for you. Divorce solicitors who are forward-thinking and client-focused should have the experience and compassion you need to handle your affairs sensitively and in a non-confrontational way with your spouse so that you can reach an agreement as promptly as possible.

What divorce solicitors do

Divorce solicitors can help you to go through the process of getting divorced; this is the process whereby the marriage certificate and your legally binding marriage are ended by the courts, and it involves much paperwork, which is possible to do without a solicitor. However, when emotions are running high, it can be very helpful to have the support of a legal expert to complete this work for you.

Where it becomes even more challenging is handling financial issues and arrangements for any children you may have, and it is at this time that a solicitor who specialises in divorce is necessary. Mediation is designed to encourage parties to amicably reach an agreement; however, if the case goes to court, then having a family law expert to represent you will be necessary. Even if it doesn’t get this far, divorce solicitors can guide and advise you throughout any mediation you are having. When you are feeling emotional, it can also help to have someone clear-headed and impartial to protect your interests.

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How do I find a solicitor?

If you are considering finding a solicitor to get divorced, then it is worth searching for an approachable firm. Look for those who offer out-of-hours contact since this should be a sign that they are truly interested in working for your best interests. Some firms may also offer a free consultation or telephone call in the first instance, and finding a firm that is friendly, approachable and clear in their advice during this time is a good way to ensure you would be happy enlisting their services. Getting to know your solicitor before asking them to work for you can set the tone for the professional relationship you will have with them and give you the reassurance you may need from the outset about what you will be doing in the divorce proceedings.

Recommendations, search engines and websites can help you find the firm that’s right for you, but don’t forget to check whether they can offer a bespoke service to you. Smaller firms can sometimes be preferable for this reason since they specialise in particular areas of law. They may also be able to make meetings more convenient for you by contacting you through platforms such as Skype. Once you find your divorce solicitor, you can start moving forward with the rest of your life in a positive way.

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